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Other than wide variety cruises to any destination, with best prices to offer, we always glad to give you the maximum details on each cruise lines benefits.

We work with Popular, Premium and Luxury Cruise lines through largest Cruise network, which gives us access to special rates and the availability to provide you with the best cruise packages.


Think of the vacation spot you have been dreaming for, the dates when you want to travel, and check with us the broad tour-selection from our reliable travel partners across the world and within the USA. You can choose from guided group tours or self-vacation packages, long distances travels or short local discoveries.


Discover San Diego County and its surroundings. We will be glad to do for you something customized, don't afraid to ask! Any of the routes can be changed according to your request. We can also create an individual program for you based on your interests. We are not just showing you places, because we know our way around. We fell in love with the country and want to share it with you!


What else can we offer? Little extras always make a journey more enjoyable. While you’ll have your hands full, appreciating the moments, let us keep your memories and send you the report. Special programs designed for those in search of challenging their own limits, MARUSA comes with everything you need: we can provide you with a tent and special equipment for the wild adventure, which make your trip even more memorable. Other than that, we offer Travel Insurance, Los Angeles – San Diego transfers, sailing, real estate tours, and much more on your request.


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Address: San Diego, California 92124. USA



San Diego, California 92124. USA